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Accelerate is a student-led outreach STEM initiative, primarily focusing on educating BAME students (although not limited to this demographic) who are pursuing STEM based degrees and related career paths. Our educational platform encompasses useful tips and advice, updating students on career opportunities and mentoring the leaders of tomorrow. It targets A-Level students applying for university, as well as university students and graduates, looking to improve employability and land an internship or full-time job.

We wanted to launch this platform to create a supportive community of mentors and mentees and to help students gain access to resources and opportunities that we wish someone had told us about when starting our own academic and career journey. But more importantly, from seeing the lack of diversity in top jobs, we wanted to provide a platform that helps BAME students get into high-flying careers with the aim of narrowing the diversity gap.


Although there is no easy formula or one path to take, we hope we can provide our student perspective to prepare and equip students with the materials to develop, succeed and accelerate!

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Medicine Insight Event: Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry collaboration

Accelerate and Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry will be hosting a virtual Medicine Insight Event on Monday 25th October at 5-6pm!


This webinar is a great way to learn about studying Medicine at one of the top Medical Schools and also to show universities and employers your passion for the division! Consisting of tips on the application process and a panel talk, we really recommend you attend.


To sign up, please fill in the form here and we will email you with the link to the webinar! This event is open to all students and graduates.

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Providing you with the right resources for mentorship, networking, personal brand, university and career development


Pairing you with a mentor to help figure out your next steps and to provide support in your professional progression 


Building an inclusive community to connect you with other determined individuals to boost your network


Comprising of mostly BAME mentors, the initiative focuses on diversifying the workforce in different industries


There are lots of different ways that you can get involved with Accelerate, whether you are an individual or organisation. Check below to see who can get involved and how!

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I am so glad I signed up to this scheme! I have been given so much advice from my mentor, which will help me with grad job applications. Couldn’t recommend the scheme enough!

It is great to be part of the Accelerate Mentorship Scheme. The scheme has a platform where you could connect with people who have gone through a similar process and achieved a distinctive reputation. This enables upcoming ones like me to share goals and acquire optimum guide and support on steps to take in achieving what you desire.

This mentorship provided by

Accelerate is the most valuable experience I have ever had; my mentor was very helpful and caring, they had a similar academic background and career plan as me, from which they obtained great success. This made their advice and experience much

more worthwhile to be referred to.

Definitely recommend to any 

A-level/University student to get on the ladder for finding their choice of career.

Join us in our efforts to help the younger community easily access the future of their choice.