Putting your faith in someone can be scary so we want to make sure there is 100% transparency between the team and our mentees. 


Want to know more about our mentors? Read about them below!




I am a Chemical Engineering graduate and am currently working at BP in their Trading & Shipping division. I completed my undergraduate degree at UCL followed by a Master's in Advanced Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. I have taken opportunities to gain experience in a variety of industries, ranging from technology to consulting to the energy sector.

Stepping into university and constantly hearing about careers was an overwhelming experience, however with the support from my peers and university network, I was fortunate enough to expand my knowledge and have access to many useful resources. Therefore, I have co-founded Accelerate with the intention to motivate and to help students get a head start on their university or career journey.




I am a 2019 QMUL Physics graduate and am currently starting my funded Master's in the Physics department at Imperial College London. I have obtained work experience in a variety of sectors including AI, defence, finance and healthcare in companies and universities such as GlaxoSmithKline, InvestIN, Imperial College London and Northrop Grumman.

After seeing the consistent lack of equality of BAME candidates in top jobs, and being lucky enough to receive help from my personal mentors, I have understood the importance of guidance and education. Therefore I have co-founded Accelerate to educate and support other BAME students with the aim of closing the diversity gap.



Events Lead

I’m a Strategy & Consulting Analyst at Accenture where I’ve been working on large-scale technology transformation projects. I graduated with a Master's in Mechanical Engineering with Sustainable Energy Systems and I’ve taken on countless projects in the renewable energy/electric vehicle industry. I’ve previously worked in the charity sector and having first-hand experience of how much my mentor supported me, I’d like to use this platform to give back and support students wherever possible!

Since graduating and beginning work, I’ve been determined to continue developing and learning where I can. As a student from a social mobility background, I’ve seen the difficulties in finding opportunities. Thus, I’m really excited to join the team to shape future initiatives in hopes of encouraging students and supporting their growth.



Events Lead

I am an Operations Consultant at Arup who has graduated from both Imperial College London (Master's) and the University of Surrey (Bachelor's) in Chemical Engineering. My previous experience includes a year-long placement as an engineering intern at Rolls-Royce and a summer internship with a petrochemical consultancy firm in Beijing, China.

Since getting involved with Accelerate as a mentor, I have found the vision and wider cause of the organisation to be inspiring, particularly as I felt such a platform would have been useful to me when I was a bit younger! Hence, when the opportunity came to increase my involvement and join the team in a more active capacity, it was a no-brainer for me and I am really looking forward to helping out and adding as much value as I can for students.

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Digital Marketing Lead

I am a 4th year Chemist at Imperial College London where I’ve specialised in computational chemistry and organic synthesis. I have taken roles including the publicity officer at the College newspaper, Felix where I worked with IC’s Sikh Society and seen our work seen by thousands of people across the world. My experiences over the past three years at Imperial have helped me realise the importance of working with ethnic minorities and people from a wide range of backgrounds through leadership and mentoring.


Since starting college, I’ve been determined to mentor and shape the futures of the younger generation by inspiring them to try something new and challenge themselves to new heights. Accelerate is the organisation that aligns best with the values I have mentioned and therefore I’m really excited to join the team and see where things can go in the foreseeable future.

Papatsouma - Ioanna Papatsouma.jpeg



I am a Teaching Fellow in Statistics in the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London. In addition to a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, I am conducting research in clustering and distribution theory. More than happy to help students interested in Maths/Stats!

ZYO_photo - Zher Yee Ooi.jpeg



I am currently pursuing a PhD in Pathology. I recently graduated from Imperial College London with a BSc Biochemistry degree and have completed many research projects as well as research internships in various fields. I'm excited to assist anyone with getting into Biochemistry related programs or internships!




I am currently at Deloitte on the Technology Risk Advisory graduate scheme in Reading after working for a year in SSE Plc, Utilities and energy provider, on the engineering graduate scheme. I studied MEng Chemical Engineering at UCL, currently Deloitte’s sponsoring my professional qualification, ACA. 

During my past 5 years I have gained a variety of experiences, from volunteering in a hospital, spent summer coding within the research engineering department to designing a foundational CCS model another summer. Out of university on the engineering graduate scheme, I’ve experienced the working life surrounding a waste disposal power plant near Leeds and how 5G would optimise the safety systems. The past year at Deloitte, I’ve worked within the IT specialist stream supporting the risk advisory and audit business functions. It’s been an immersive experience so far with a strong focus on client interactions.

IMG_0397 - Shivana Maharaj.JPG



I graduated from University College London with my Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics and then completed my Masters in Finance at Imperial College London in 2007 (a long time ago!). Since then I have worked largely in Consulting across a variety of sectors, including Technology, Energy, Retail with a focus on Private Equity and Data and Analytics in the investment space. I am currently at WhatsApp focused on unlocking commerce on our platform safely.

I would be nowhere today without the mentors who guided me throughout my career as well as the network I built at university. I experienced first-hand how lonely it can be at times, as a BAME, female candidate trying to break the glass ceiling. I passionately believe in the work Accelerate is doing and the impact that we can have whilst supporting each other. 

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I was an MSc Student at Imperial College London's Institute for Security Science & Technology. I've had a variety of experiences in past, as a Venture Capital Fellow for Included VC, a Student Partner at Entrepreneur First & in the Crypto space through London Blockchain Labs.


Before this, I worked for the UK Government & Interned in India & Singapore. I would love to help mentees learn about alternative career paths, especially in entrepreneurship & technology investing.

image_123923953 - amber gunter.JPG



I am currently a second year student studying biological sciences at Imperial College London. Throughout college and my undergrad I have been really fortunate to receive exceptionally useful guidance in studying at university and working towards future careers in STEM and would love to have the opportunity to pass this on! I have previously tutored at GCSE level and saw the massive benefit of sharing your own experiences, especially to those who may not have had the same opportunities and would like to further this. 

FotoIEEE - Matteo Nerini.png



I am currently a PhD student at Imperial College London, focusing on Machine Learning for Wireless Communications. I completed my MSc in Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Bologna and my MSc in Communication Technology at NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Looking forward to sharing my experience with young students interested in my fields.

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I am a mathematical modeller currently working at Imperial College London. I always knew that I loved doing Maths and Science but when I was younger, I didn't have a clear picture of what that would involve. Due to the lack of role models, my journey to becoming a scientist was somewhat long and full of detours. I am grateful that I got a chance to experience different things and live in different places. 




I am an Electronic Engineering graduate from the University of Surrey, now working within Cyber Security. I have experience in security architecture, control systems/ wireless, and general engineering. I am passionate about diversity, inclusion, and creating work forces representative of the societies we live in. Happy to help!

IMG_0219-1 - amara copsey.JPG



I am studying Chemical with Environmental Engineering at the University of Nottingham. I am currently completing a year in industry at Rolls-Royce before I return to complete my masters. Having been successfully mentored through accelerate mentoring I am really looking forward to giving back by helping people with applications and answering any questions. 

GanHuang - Gary.png



I am a postdoctoral researcher of clean energy at Imperial College London. I am also a joint expert of the International Energy Agency. Before joining Imperial College London, I worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. My current research focuses on next-generation solar technologies and other renewable energy. I am happy to share my experiences in the fields related to energy, or more widely the science engineering. 





I am a third year Chemical Engineering student at UCL entering my final year, pursuing a masters in Advanced Chemical Engineering. I have had internship experience within Asset Management and engineering research. I also possess a keen interest in the strategy consulting sector. I am more than happy to help students get into those fields.

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I graduated from Imperial College in 2020 with an MEng Chemical Engineering. Now, I work as a contact engineer for Advanced Elastomer Systems in Newport (currently part of ExxonMobil)..

Job applications, dealing with uni - I have been there. I can provide some decent feedback on what matters in engineering applications. And, if nothing else, I'm someone with shared experience who you can vent your ongoing frustrations to.

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Currently a post-doc researcher at Imperial College in bioengineering, I graduated with a BSc in Physics from Warwick and completed my PhD in Aeronautics at Imperial College. I have graduate experience in defence and have been part of a range of engineering focused research projects as a PhD student and post-doc, mostly with a defence or aerospace focus.

1516868994434 - Matt Hurst.jpg



I am a mathematics graduate and am currently working at HSBC in their Finance function. I completed an undergraduate masters degree at Imperial College London. After graduating, I completed my chartered accountancy qualification and since qualifying I have spent 11 years working in FTSE100 firms in both banking and private equity.

I found career planning very difficult both before and during university, particularly without a network of family and friends who worked in related industries to provide guidance and support. As such the opportunity to pass on the knowledge and experience I've since gained is very exciting.

IMG_6041 - Disha Bandyopadhyay.heic



I am a fourth year materials with nuclear engineering student at Imperial College London specialising in nanomaterials for energy transfer and storage. I have been involved in research projects since first year - interning with Sensor Coating Systems, Thin Films Laboratory at Imperial, IIT and MIT while also tutoring and mentoring underprivileged students in India. Over the course of the pandemic I was also able to tutor IGCSE and IB students and get a firsthand account of how online learning has affected education. I am keen on pursuing research as my career option and fully appreciate the role of mentoring in the life of students. I am delighted to be a panelist for Accelerate this year and I look forward to your questions!

签证照片 - Sisi Chen.jpg



I'm currently a master student major in Cancer Informatics (MRes) at Imperial College London. I also previously completed my BSc at Imperial in Biological Sciences. I am extremely interested in cancer research and plan to pursue my career in this area. I'm happy to give advice to anyone with interest in science (especially Biology and Cancer research). 

DAF117B2-DAA9-4275-83E5-92C8D30F82B7 - Rohith Mukkapati.jpeg



I’m a third year Physics student in an integrated masters course at Imperial College London. I’m aiming to start my career in financial consultancy. I have lots of experience in tutoring students in both Maths and Physics and have often helped my tutees with their university applications. I’m happy to help with any queries regarding STEM subjects or applications.

29E5C899-5822-4328-A92B-E0253EBBF2FC - G Riyait.jpeg




I graduated with a 1st Class Maths degree from the University of Birmingham. I am due to start a new role as an Actuarial Analyst at a specialist insurance firm in the City of London. I have previous experience of Cyber Security Consulting at PwC. Happy to help with anything related to Maths and Consulting/Actuary careers!




I am a Chemistry graduate from Imperial College London, currently pursuing a PhD related to spectroscopy and biology in the same department.


I am looking forward to supporting mentees in this exciting stage of life!

Kiera picture - Kiera Heffernan.jpg



I am a Masters of Pharmacy graduate from UCC/RCSI, Ireland. I graduated in 2018 and have been working in the Pharmaceutical Industry since then. I am currently working as a Health Outcome Manager for a UK Pharma company based in London and am in the process of completing a MSc in Health Economic Evaluation in Healthcare with City University.





I just graduated from MSc Investment and Wealth Management at Imperial having done BEng Chemical Engineering at UCL. I have experiences across consulting (PA Consulting & Monitor Deloitte) and banking (Citi S&T). Happy to help with anything from CV/Cover Letter to interviews, or even if you just want someone to talk to!

Headshot - Sydney Lo.jpg



I'm currently studying Biotechnology at Imperial College London. I'm not going straight to third year though - I'm completing an Industrial Placement year with the Analytical Development team at Immunocore! As for my academic interests, I think structural biology and protein science are the coolest topics we have. I'm most proud of my enthusiasm for learning new stuff all the time, which has helped me build up a pretty versatile skillset. I've got experience with coding, writing blogs, customer service, and a little business and tech experience. Anything career related questions that are rooted in the fields of STEM and beyond, I'll do my best to answer them with my current knowledge and experience!

20210909_150010 - Eleonora Canale.jpg



After studying biological sciences with a background in biomedics in Italy, I moved to London to do a PhD at Imperial College London on breast cancer research. Since I was little I have always been inspired by the power of ideas and the stories behind scientific discoveries. By the time I grew up and I had to choose my career path, it was not an easy process and I had to readjust many times my scientific focus and what I wanted to become. Other than working in the lab, I love sharing my passion for science and communicating it, raising public awareness. The possibility to be on the panel as a mentor is a fantastic opportunity to share my journey as a scientist and how it allowed me to grow professionally and as a person. I would have loved to have a mentor at the beginning of my career and I am honoured to be one to inspire the new STEM young generations for a better future.




I am a Maths graduate from King’s College London and graduated in 2020. From taking a gap year before starting university to pursuing an extremely rigorous degree, my overall experience has definitely been unique, yet rewarding. I was part of Rothschild & Co’s first ever women’s Spring Insight Programme in Global Advisory during my second year of university. I have had various virtual insight experiences with investment banking firms and beyond. During the last year I focused on getting through the pandemic and researching what career aligns better with my values, leading me to secure my graduate programme as a Technology Risk Consultant at EY beginning in September! I am more than happy to help students applying to university - be it for Maths or in general - with advice! I’m also happy to help university students interested in gaining experience in the investment banking sector or those wanting to secure a role in a sector in which they have little experience, like me!

IMG_20210812_123948 - Ro.jpg



Hi! My name is Ro and I have just graduated from the University of East Anglia in BSci Environmental Sciences with a Year in Industry. I now work within Science Communication, engaging non-specialists with STEMM. I would love to help you find your home within STEMM as I can appreciate, with any diversities or differences, sometimes it can seem intimidating. If you're unsure about your degree or career path, or would like to chat about being LGBTQ+ and/or neurodiverse in STEMM, please come and say hi! I am proudly autistic and queer, and have been through university with severe mental health (and come out of the other side!). I am always happy to talk about experiences and provide any advice. Alongside that, I can also offer support about placement years (having worked as a placement ambassador for a year) and any questions about Environmental Sciences.

pwpimage - Natsuko Imai.jpg



I have a biological sciences background (BSc with Hons. Infectious Diseases from the University of Edinburgh) but then moved into epidemiology (MSc Control of Infectious Diseases, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) and mathematical modelling (PhD Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Imperial College London). 

I'm currently the liaison between the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis at Imperial College London and the World Health Organization mainly working on outbreaks like Ebola and COVID-19. Happy to help anyone interested in public health or science in general! 

IMG_3705 - Damith Peiris.jpeg



I am a Chemical Engineering MEng Graduate from Imperial College London with experience in Oil & Gas Development Projects, Manufacturing and Information Technology Industries. I have interned at BP in Sunbury, UK and Graduate positions subsequently at Wood. plc & BP within engineering design projects and operations (for production), later progressing to Information Technology Practice at IFS.
Selecting a course of study from A/Ls to University has a pivoting opportunity for students to choose one that best resonates with their career goals & interests.

Now, helping students within their early career decisions is how I can assist or mentor by leveraging my academic experiences as well as my professional breadth in industry.

BC4A2ADB-71B7-499F-988C-33839868A369 - Aishy Chidambaram.jpeg



I graduated from Imperial in 2020 with a degree in Mathematics with Statistics and am now a consultant at The Hub - Transport Advisory, a startup boutique management consultancy operating in the transport sector. I love my current role despite it being very different from my degree and I can’t wait to help others explore career options outside of their degree area. I also previously interned at Atkins, a multidisciplinary firm, so I hope to be able to share my perspective on the differences in working in companies of different sizes and some of the alternative methods of reaching out to find opportunities. 




I am an Analyst at Accenture where I have worked on cloud and agile transformation projects. I graduated with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bath and I have experience as an engineer in the Oil & Gas industry and as a voluntary consultant within the third sector. I am really excited to share my experiences and help students interested in consulting or engineering career paths.

D663BA2C-A0CF-42FE-A994-55996E66E40A - Abdul Milad.jpeg




I have graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where I completed an LLB in Laws. I recently co-founded a social enterprise, called Transcend Education LLP. Moreover, during my three years at the LSE, I took on a plethora of different roles. For instance, I was a Student Ambassador, Pathways to Law Mentor, and a Course Assistant for the LSE Widening Participation department. If there is anything I could help on, particularly on the UCAS application process, please feel free to give me a shout!




I graduated in 2017 with a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering. During my studies and since graduating from the University of Surrey, I have worked in the Engineering (Utilities, Oil and Gas sectors) and Consulting industries. I am happy to advise students considering a degree/career in these fields.





I am a Biochemistry graduate from the University of Surrey, currently working full-time at a leading pharmaceutical company in the Health Economics and Outcomes Research team. I am also studying part-time for an MSc in Economic Evaluation in Healthcare at City, University of London. I have 3 years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry and spent a year working in healthcare communications. I am happy to share my experiences if you are considering further study/ a career in healthcare related fields.

Profile pic - Shafi Balal.jpg



I am a registrar ophthalmic surgeon working within the NHS and currently at Moorfields eye hospital in London. I obtained my medical degree form Barts and the London Medical school (Queen Marys). 

I experienced many difficulties in my journey because of the background I had and therefore I hope to share my experience and knowledge with those in similar circumstances. 

Nagina Lab pic - Nagina Mangal.tiff



I'm currently reading for my PhD at Imperial College London and Institute of Cancer Research. Prior to my doctoral studies, I obtained a BSc in Biochemistry and shortly after completed my Master of Research in Stem Cells and Developmental Biology at UCL. I continued to gain experience and knowledge by working in various academic research groups. Complementary to my research interests, I am also involved in teaching undergraduates and acting as an examiner in various master’s courses at Imperial College London. 

During my academic years, I found myself without direction at times, I hope to help share my experiences and offer some guidance to people out there who like me were once stuck on the boat of career choices. 

display pic (3) - Dhwani Shah.jpg



I am a Health Outcomes Manager at a top 10 Pharmaceutical company working on the access of new oncology drugs to the UK market. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Birmingham in Natural Sciences, followed by a Master's in Health Economics at the University of York. I have a range of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry and consulting on health economic principles. 

After finishing university I still was very unsure of my options and what I wanted to do and it was only though meeting and talking to new people was I able to stumble upon my career choice. I would like to pass on my resources and connections to help anyone still struggling to figure out their path. 

SAQ Photo 11_opt - Rohin Nayar.jpg



I am an Aeronautical Engineering undergraduate student at Imperial College London. I am passionate about spacecraft engineering and am working as an avionics engineer for ICL Rocketry Altitude Record Team. I'm a self-employed tutor and mentor helping sutdents at sixth form college with their university applications and future career paths. I look forward to share experiences and support all students who are pursuing an engineering career or related discipline.

ANN headshot - Amy Nomm.png



I have a Masters's and PhD in Material Engineering, and this year became a chartered engineer. I have worked in Finland, and in Canada in additive manufacturing, and now work for Imperial College London and the Royce Institute. I am passionate about all things STEM, and believe engineering is fundamental in shaping the world of tomorrow. Happy to chat all things science/engineering and talk about my experience in the sector.

Dorota Styk - Dorota Styk.jpeg



PhD Researcher at Anglia Ruskin University investigating neurocognitive architecture of working memory, implementing Machine Learning models into neurocognitive interventions. Member of the Cognition Group which forms part of the ARU Centre for Mind and Behaviour. Associate lecturer in Psychology. Psychology and Neuroscience graduate from University of London. Member of British Psychological Society, American Psychological Association, and Canadian Psychological Association. Dog and cat person. Bookworm.

IMG_1116 - Courteney Hirst.jpg



I’m a Master’s student at Imperial College London studying Applied Mathematics, with a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Manchester. I’ve had experience working at the University of Manchester as an Aerodynamics Engineer and as a Research Collaborator within Computational Fluid Dynamics. My career ambition is to work as a researcher within mathematical fluid mechanics. I am passionate about education and happy to share everything I’ve learnt on my academic journey with others! 

photo - Hoda Kalabi.jpeg



I am a Biomedical Engineering MEng graduate from Imperial College, passionate about the application of computational modelling and machine learning to healthcare. For the past two years, I have been working as a Software Developer at Deloitte Digital, prior to this I worked for a short period as a Developer at Accenture. More recently, I will be going back to university, as I am starting a MPhil in Health Data Science at the University of Cambridge. I am extremely passionate about diversity and inclusion, both within higher education and industry. I would be more than happy to share my insights and experiences navigating various application processes!

Marianna - Mar Kaps.png



I’ve recently completed a PhD in Neuroscience at Imperial College London. Previously, I received a Medical Degree (MD; 1st Hons) from the University of Crete and a MSc (Distinction) in Performing Arts Medicine from University College London. In parallel to my scientific career, I am also a classical pianist, having performed over 160 concerts. I am very grateful for the over 100 awards/scholarships that I have received in science and music, such as being in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Europe list and winning 12 international/national piano competitions. I am happy to help students by sharing my experiences.

Hana-98- (1) - Hana Patel.jpg



Dr. Hana Patel has a specialist interest in education, coaching, and mentoring. Working as an Educational GP trainer, assisting qualified doctors in a training post in general practice, led her to complete her Masters in Medical Education from the University of Kent and she is now an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Kent Honorary Academics with DaLL. Dr. Hana Patel continues to assist in training general practitioners by working as a Training Programme Director for Health Education England, working as a GMC examiner and an academic mentor.


Dr. Hana Patel has been working as a mentor assisting doctors in training, general practitioners and medical colleagues achieve their goals during sessions. Dr. Hana Patel also works with non-medical clients as an executive business and relationship/life coach to achieve personal goals.

V.E.Kalodimou photo - Vasiliki Kalodimou.JPG



Vasiliki E. Kalodimou is the Board/Committee on Research Ethics at the National Hellenic Research Foundation (Ε.Ι.Ε), she elected to serve as the Vice-Chair of the UEL Alumni Advisory Board, Collaborative partner for training and research for Regenerative Medicine Program at the Institute of Personalized Molecular Medicine the Medical City Hospital, Philippines, the Director at the Flow Cytometry-Research and Regenerative Medicine Department of IASO Maternity-Pediatric and Research Hospital in Athens, Greece, as well as the CBB Director & Processing Facility Director at MedStem-Cryobanks of IASO.


She is in the editorial board and a reviewer in several scientific international journals as well as board member in scientific organizing committee’s for medical conferences worldwide.                                                                              




I am a 2nd year Physicist at Imperial College London, with a specialisation in Theoretical Physics. I have completed an IT consulting internship in Singapore, focusing on education as well and User Acceptance Testing.

I fully empathise with students' emotions when undergoing an endeavour. I understand that sometimes we might feel lost when trying to do something that we are unfamiliar with, so a mentor would definitely help to guide you through so that you would be less anxious and nervous when doing that. I am here to help you with that!




I am currently a final year medical student at Brighton and Sussex medical school. It’s been a long journey but I’m still professing the fact that it’s all coming to an end very soon!

I’m excited to share my experience with everyone wanting to study Medicine and hopefully boost their confidence in the application process. If I can do it, then I can guarantee you can :D!