Are you a community group, organisation, business or company that is looking to improve social mobility and increase diversity for the younger community?

We are always keen to collaborate with other individuals, organisations and businesses to strengthen our connections in order to provide further opportunities for our members. 

We passionately believe that professional and personal development is essential for students from a young age. Therefore, our aim is to provide them with exciting and new opportunities while ensuring that no child is left behind because of their background or circumstances. We hope you can also help us in achieving this goal.

Check out the ways you can get involved with us and the benefits this offers.


Volunteer with us by delivering workshops and webinars about your industry 

Host a group of engaged students at your office for a careers insight session

Help us create new content (e.g. write a blog, plan activities or make an online course)

Sponsor us to provide access to the necessary resources for students from an underprivileged background and help us grow and reach more students

Build a meaningful work experience programme with us where we can help source appropriate students

Invite your experienced employees to join our growing mentor community

Share articles relating to your brand or industry to inform and educate members of our community


Attract young, diverse talent and engage with them

Make a real difference to the lives of young people from underrepresented backgrounds

Build your company’s profile and enhance your reputation

Create employee engagement opportunities to keep them motivated

We would love to hear from you and welcome a conversation to explore how we can work together - please contact us here if you are interested to get involved!