Accelerate’s exclusive resource bank comprises of CV templates, cover letter and personal statement examples, competency questions and recommended websites to help you secure top jobs and university offers. The materials were written and compiled by Accelerate’s mentors themselves and have aided them greatly in their applications and interviews. We hope our resources provide some kind of guideline and help students get the most out of the application process!

Please see a more detailed description of what kinds of materials are offered in the resource bank below. 


If you'd like access to the Google Drive containing the resources, please click the link below and register your interest! We will be updating these materials and adding in documents along the way.

CV Templates & Cover Letter Examples

The two main aspects of the application process, whether it be applying to spring weeks or jobs, tends to be a CV and cover letter. Perfecting both documents will put our mentees in a good stead to successfully attain these positions hence Accelerate has put together CV templates and example cover letters.

CV Templates

Includes various CV templates for students to gain an idea of the layout and structure of a typical student/graduate CV.

Cover Letter Examples

Includes examples of cover letters, written exclusively by our mentors, for different industries and companies.

Personal Statement Examples

The main part of the university application process, whether that be for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, is the personal statement. Hence, this makes it the most important document to focus on when applying to university.

We have compiled several personal statements for different courses. This may be useful to help you get started and to guide you when you write yours.



Competency questions are commonly used to assess an applicants suitability for jobs and internships. Therefore, acing these questions will put a candidate in a great position to secure the role.


Accelerate has compiled a list of ideal answers to common competency questions to help students secure the roles of their dreams!

Recommended Websites

Accelerate has recommended the following websites to ensure students can gain all the relevant information regarding university, find out about career opportunities, view updates on the recruitment cycle and stay informed on current affairs.

Careers and Recruitment 

Includes links to websites, particularly targeted for students, that provide the latest updates on all types of career opportunities, insight days and exclusive networking events.

Bright Network





Commercial Awareness

Includes links to websites which help improve students' awareness of what's happening around the world and to ensure they stay up-to-date on daily happenings in the business and commercial world.


Financial Times

The Economist

Social Mobility Charities

Includes links to websites of charities or companies that provide opportunities for students from ​ethnic minority or less-advantaged backgrounds to realise their potential.




University Information

Includes links to websites which further explain all the stages of the university application process and studying abroad, list all the UK universities/courses and provide application advice and support.

Complete University Guide

UCAS Applying to University

Study in UK