Are you a school or college seeking career support and educational resources for your students?

We work with schools to ensure that their students can have access to a vast range of possibilities by providing them with important information, resources, and advice to build their academic and career development. 


Our vision is for every student, regardless of their background or circumstance, to have equal access to the most competitive and prestigious universities, personalised career guidance, professional development and career-related opportunities. We hope by doing so we can open the door to the future of their choice.


Find out below what we can offer if you are a school looking to get involved with our initiative and providing support for your students.



Tailored courses and workshops (virtual or in-person)

Advice on gap-years, further education, university and apprenticeships

Careers related events and entrepreneurship talks with professionals

Insights with our mentors as part to our 1-1 mentorship scheme 

Access to our Accelerate's resource bank

We would love to hear from you - please contact us here if you are interested!