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Considering what degree to study, which university to attend and the application process can feel very overwhelming. Many of us have been in that position of not knowing which course to pursue or what career path to follow. Therefore, this section has been put together for sixth form students, BTEC students as well as students on a gap year who are looking to go into further education.


Perfecting your university application is a very important factor in getting offers, and of course, extracurricular activities and grades also play a part in the application process. Admission into top UK universities is becoming highly competitive and we understand how difficult and tiresome the process can be.

So, that’s why we are here to provide you with advice from students who have been through this process along with key materials and resources to guide you in writing the best applications and securing university offers. We hope this will be useful in delivering the necessary information with extra tips and tricks for you to learn and expand your knowledge.

Check out the links below and make sure to follow all our top tips!  


University Application Process


University Information

Writing a Personal Statement