University Application Process

The application for university admission requires an academic reference, usually given by a teacher at your school/ college, and the completion of a form entailing your personal details. There is a limit of 5 course applications per academic year and to ensure your space, it is best to apply ASAP!

Who can apply?

The university application process is open to A-level and college students looking to progress into further education. Applications usually take a month to perfect, and are usually submitted through your school or college; so the sooner the application is completed the better!

What is involved in the process?

The application process takes a long time, so please ensure you have enough time to not only fill in the forms and write your personal statement, but also that there is enough time available for universities to write references and check your writing. There is a brief overview of what the application process comprises of below:

1. Fill in all of your details, qualifications and course and university choices

2. Write your personal statement, making sure it is informative and grammatically correct

3. Include a reference from your personal tutor at school or college and pay the application fee

The application fee is £20 for one course and £25 for multiple courses. However, this price increases to £26 for 2021 entry and late applications.

Deadlines for applications

For courses starting in 2021, a prospective student’s completed application should be sent to UCAS by one of the following dates, depending on the course. Please note if you are applying though college/ school, then there may be additional deadlines set by the institution to ensure all applications are handed in on time.


  • 15 October 2020 at 18:00 UK time: This is the deadline for courses at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and for courses in dentistry, medicine and veterinary science.

  • 15 January 2020 at 18:00 (UK time): for the majority of other courses.

Some courses require additional admissions tests which are explained in this UCAS link.

How can I defer my place?

Sometimes circumstances change and an individual may not find it feasible to head off to university. Thankfully there are two ways to defer your application, which depends on the stage the application is at.

  1. Whilst filling the application – there is an option to select a ‘deferred’ start date within the ‘Apply’ section, but it is vital to contact the university before submitting the application to ensure they are willing to accept the deferred application.

  2. Once you have applied – inform your chosen university that you would like to defer the year and see if they would be able to change your course start date.